Outdoor Banner Options

There are many options of media offered for use in outdoor banner display, several offer advantages for specific weather conditions, others offer the highest graphic impact. You’ll find the most popular choices explained below, however there are many other printable fabric and vinyl options available on the market, if you have a special project ask your vendor which media they recommend for your needs.

Exterior Banner

Wall banners made with matte scrim vinyl.

Pole Banners

Lampost banner fabricated from scrim vinyl.

When you think of an outdoor banner, it’s likely you’re picturing vinyl scrim materials, as they’re the most commonly used. The vinyl banner is reinforced with additional nylon cording in a cross pattern that adds overall strength. The smooth printing surface results in sharp, vibrant and fully opaque graphics for more impact. In that most banners are viewed from a distance, the economical scrim vinyl is a favorite over more expensive textiles.

  • 13oz Weight and Higher
  • Multi layer for strength and light fastness
  • Fungus Resistant
  • Flame Resistant (NFPA701, CSFM, Title 19/California, UBC 26-6, UBC26-7, B1)
  • Holds up in the cold as low as -4˚ F
  • Can be Hemmed, Reinforced, Grommeted, and Can Receive Wind Slits.
large format construction fence banners

Mesh banners reduce wind-load on fences and hide construction while celebrating an historic project.

Mesh Pole Banners

Mesh pole banners mark the festival entrance and reduce wind-load on temporary structures.

Mesh Scrim is a banner vinyl produced with a pattern of small holes which allows 37% air-flow through the media. Mesh is ideal for buildings, stadium and fence wraps, as it won’t flap in the wind and it won’t block sunlight if installed over a window. Mesh is significantly lighter than scrim. The reduced weight and resistance reduces wind load dramatically.

  • 8oz – 10 oz Weight
  • Coated Polyester
  • Varying Air-flow Through based on size of holes. (90/10, 70/30…)
  • Flame Resistant (NFPA701, ASTM-E84, Title 19/California)
  • Should be hemmed and reinforced with nylon webbing. Can be grommeted, no need for Wind Slits.
Lampost banners made from Sunbrella offer a more organic feel to an historic location when viewed up-close.
Perpendicularly mounted to the building’s facade, Sunbrella banners stand up to various weather conditions.

Sunbrella is a trusted name in outdoor fabrics used for awnings, marine canvas, umbrellas and outdoor furniture. The fabric’s strength and durability are perfect for long term outdoor use. Sunbrella has a natural woven textile texture and prints with vibrant fully opaque color. sunbrella has developed a printable version of this popular fabric for banners.

  • .55mm Thickness – 10oz Weight
  • Woven Acrylic Marine Fabric
  • Mold and Water Repellent
  • Can be hemmed, reinforced, and grommeted.
custom tent and flags

Traditional flags are generally made from nylon. Nylon is light and floats in the wind, unlike vinyl and sturdy fabrics. A true flag is one sided and reads through from the front to the back. Double sided banners read correctly from both sides, but have a tendency to look like a bag, and sag more than float.

  • 5oz Weight
  • Knitted Polyester
  • Anti-static
  • Tear Proof
  • Semi-transparent
  • Can be Hemmed, Reinforced and Grommeted, no need for Wind Slits.
recycled polyester banner

This banner option is lightweight, durable, non-woven PET banner with a textured, matte surface. It can be hung from ceilings, fences, scaffolding, etc. It can also be used to create customizable pennants. It is the perfect alternative to vinyl (which is known for being environmentally harmful) and other banner materials. 

  • 30mil Thickness – 4.5oz Weight
  • PET – 100% Post-consumer Waste from Plastic Bottles
  • 75% Opacity
  • Excellent for Shape Cuts without Needing a Hem
  • Mold and Mildew Resistant
  • 37% Air-flow Through
  • Flame Resistant (Class A for ASTM-E84)
  • Can be Hemmed, Reinforced and Grommeted, no need for Wind Slits.
Banner Finishing

Grommets: Circular metal eyelets used to protect and reinforce a hole that is necessary for hanging your fabric or vinyl banner.

Hems: Folding the finished edge over and sewing along the fold will reinforce that edge.

Pole Pockets: A pocket sewn into one side of a banner to accommodate a wooden or metal pole used for hanging. You want to allow the pocket to be much larger than your pole to ensure your pole will fit easily inside.

Webbing: A woven nylon strip that can be sewn into the hem of a banner to further reinforce the durability of the project, especially if your banner will have an exterior use and exposed to a windy location.

Wind Slits: A pattern of half-moon cuts across the face of a vinyl banner, to allow for the pass-through of heavy wind without causing the banner to billow like a sail.